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To the best of my knowledge there is not currently an
active unorganized militia unit in Hamilton County OH.

One will be forming in the Cincinnati area soon.

In the meantime, try these links for more Ohio Militia information.

OUMAC The Ohio Unorganized Militia Assistance and Advisory Committee has more info,
including a monthly newsletter by subscription.

COUM Central Ohio Unorganized Militia has a lot of information and more links. COUM  Oath

ODF  Ohio Defense Force has Training , Rules, Equipment List and Links.
First Aid Training Highlights
The local contact for the 5th Battalion, Cincinnati, Hamilton County,  Ohio Defense Force is,
Lt. Curt Redmon in Warren County:  Home 513-934-5571 or Work 513-398-9060.

Unorganized Militia of Campaign County Ohio has a very informative site, updated regularly,
with lists for many sources of equipment and training information, such as:
3 Day Hot Weather Kit, Ohio Defense Force, Home Guard, Basic Recruit Package.
This includes Rules, Individual Readiness,  Basic Equipment List, Basic Abilities
and Guide to Individual Tactical Readiness.

The Indiana Militia Corps seems to be fairy active and they have a very  nice site with links.
Be sure to read the
Indiana Militia Basic Manual - 2nd Edition, on the Publications page

Kentucky State Militia and Free Kentucky seem to be related sites for the Kentucky State Militia

Ohio also has a State Organized Militia.
The Ohio Military Reserve is headquartered in Highland Hills.
The 11th Military Police Battalion OMR is based at the Blue Ash Air National Guard Base.
The 11th Military Police Battalion Another site.
The Ohio Naval Militia  Naval Information

The State Guard Association of the United States Inc. National Association
The State Guard Training and Information Page with links

The Constitution Society has a lot of information on many Constitutional Subjects

Police State Info Has some training information, I wish they had more.

Institute for First Amendment Studies Click on Militia Field Manual, good training information

FM-24-12 Communications in a "Come As You Are War" On the Army Site.
FM 24-112 Chapter 7  Communications Security Operations .TXT (ASCII)

Survival  Communications and Codes For militia members.

Archived from the Survival Communication Pages of  The Frugal Squirrel
MilSigCor Standards: Tactical Commo 101: Team and Squad 
MilSigCor Standards: Mil Comm Training Standards 
MilSigCor Standards: Militia Signal Corps Organization

MilSigCor Standards: Strat Comm Tac Comm Network   
For three years now, nothing, you better get moving
Militia Secure E Mail Primer

INDIVIDUAL TACTICAL READINESS  From the  Southern Michigan Regional Militia

Geneva Convention for POW's (also for Militia's) Geneva Convention for Civilians 

Some open tip military ammo is allowed, and is not against the Rules of War!

Now a word from an opposing viewpoint:
The Militia Watchdog Has an extensive site listing militias and other groups.
Even though it is an anti-militia site, I have heard that some militia people have used
this site to learn of other militia groups, check out the links page.

Militia Patriot Groups From Stop-The-Hate

Bin Laden's Terrorism Bible  Jihad Training Manual translated into English