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Start at the beginning, get a copy of Readers Digest 1981 book, Back to Basics, ISBN 0-89577-086-5, mine is the 12th printing, December 1996, costs around $26.95 from many sources, including Lehman's General Store in Kidron, OH, 44636, 330-857-5757. It has a lot of information which you can use today, don't wait till you have to think of survival.

Then get an ALERT Weather Radio one that receives the broadcasts from the National Weather Service and automatically sounds a local alarm when they transmit their 1050 Hz Alert Tone. Make sure you leave it turned on and in the alert position 24 hours a day and that the standby battery is good so that it will alarm even during a power failure. Local and National Emergencies are also planned to be transmitted over this system to rapidly notify the civilian population, even if they are asleep at night. These are normally available from Radio Shack for under $35.00, make sure it has the automatic ALERT feature and not just monitor. You do not necessarily need one with SAME technology  which alerts on a county by county code and leave the digital message, these cost under $80.00.

Unorganized Militia of Campaign Co.  Has listings for many
Militia & Survival Equipment from places such as Gold Nugget Army Surplus,
Cheaper Than Dirt, Ranger Joe's, US Cavalry and many others.
Look under  - 
Equipment Vendors (Internet).

Bruce Beach Nuclear Survival Resources
& Ark II Fallout Shelter Site

Citizen Corps Public education and training   

Department of Homeland Security  NEW with a lot of planning information

Equipped to Survive Institute  The Definitive Source for Independent Reviews
& Information on Outdoors Gear and Survival Equipment and Techniques

FEMA  Federal Emergency Management Agency
Has a great deal of information on disaster preparedness. Be prepared to take a while if you go to this site. You cannot view all of it in one visit

First Aid For Soldiers FM 21-11 From the Virtual Naval Hospital

Joel Skousen Check Secure Home then Recommended Products at the bottom of the page

Kurt Saxon The father of Survivalism

Live Free International Has some information and classes in Indiana.
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Mayflower Trading Company  Self-reliant living

Nuclear War  Survival Skills By Cresson H. Kearny,  Foreword by Dr. Edward Teller

Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine

Richard Perron Toronto CA

A Listserv with much information on survival, ask your questions there and you will get an answer.

The Frugal Squirrel A site which has a lot of survival material available.
Be sure to explore the online Survivalist Library for an incredibly vast free resource.

The New Three R's  Every one will have to learn after a Nuclear War -
or other world-wide catastrophe

The Ranger Digest  From Ranger Rick, he been there, he taught that, no tee shirts!

The Survival Center Training, information an, books & equipment

Wilderness Living  Club / Group with some ideas and great links