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9mm Warning: It's the bullet - it's not the weapon's fault

The absolutely worst bullet to use in 9 mm (specifically 9 x 19 mm or 9 mm NATO) is the 115 grain, full metal jacket bullet, commonly available for the 9 mm. This rounded "Parabellum"  (Latin  "For War") 1908 design for the 9 mm cartridge was originally designed for the Luger, and is currently being issued by the US for the M-9 and their allied forces for their hand and sub guns. This particular bullet has great penetration, actually too much penetration, much more than a .44 Magnum!
It tends to just drill right through a target, and thusly has minimal stopping power
or transformation of energy.

If you are required to use 9 mm Full Metal Jacket Bullets: 

Use the 124 grain full metal jacket "Truncated Cone" design.

This will provide a temporary cavity similar to what  a .45 ACP does, with much more stopping power. These should also be available at your local sporting goods store. They were originally designed for used in falling steel plate target matches.
Before the Geneva Conventions, held after WWI, the 9 mm round was lead and had the same shape as the now FMJ version. Use a hollow point instead of either of these if you are not required to use the full metal jacket bullet..

This is not a problem with any other caliber of cartridge, but is unique to the 9mm due to the shape of the bullet, composition, velocity and cross sectional area.

Some open tip military ammo is allowed!
Read all about it here.

Given a choice of   << Click here to see the other choices

.12 Ga. 00 Buckshot or # 1 Buckshot:
Get the #1 Buckshot. The normal 2 3/4" shell holds 16 .30 caliber pellets versus the 9 pellet .32 caliber 00 Buck, too few  pellets, could spread and miss the target. 
If you get the 2 3/4" Magnum it holds
20 #1 pellets, best choice! Winchester has this as stock number X12C1B, I used to carry Remington 2 3/4" Magnum 1B, however I only see the 16 pellet shell listed now.  I do not recommend the 3 " Mag, because even though it holds 24 #1 pellets you cannot place as many rounds in the magazine,.

Aguila has a new Mini shell 12 Ga. round which is only 1 1/2" long and has the recoil of a 20 Ga.. It is available with birdshot, a  7/8 Oz  semi-wad cutter slug, or  11 pellets consisting of 4 #1 (.30 Cal) and 7 #4 (.24 Cal) Buckshot at 1200 fps. Due to the short size 12-14 may fit in a 20" magazine, I need to research this and their new Poseidon Micro Shotgun.

Gun Cleaning Well you need a cleaning rod, cleaning brush and a patch holder.

I recommend using
12 Ga. Patches for everything, cut the 12 Ga. Patch in half
for pistols or for .30 caliber,  cut the patch in quarters for .22's or .223.

I recommend using
Hoppe's # 9 solvent for cleaning the bore of powder & residue.

I recommend using
Beak Free CLP on all the moving parts,.
Get the  CLP-4 - 4 OZ squeeze bottle and leave the applicator tube inserted permanently, less messy.

I recommend G 96 Brand - Gun Treatment  for protecting all weapons or metals.

We used to have a shotgun in the patrol car mounted just in front of the front seat
under the knees of the officers. Between the salt dropped on it from eating in the car, and the air conditioner getting it cold in the summer and attracting the humidity to condense on it, it would rust in about three days.

I tried all the products available, I even tried RIG, Rust Inhibiting Grease, made the shotgun a little slippery  -  Not Good, and it still rusted in about four days!

Then I finally tried the G 96 Brand - Gun Treatment  was I ever surprised.

The shotgun did not rust for two weeks!

For proper use, spray it on, leave it on for about five minutes then wipe it off with a large rag. You should see rust on the rag upon the first application, even if the weapon did not look rusty. Re-apply till the rag is clean of rust.

Do not leave the weapon wet with the gun treatment for a long time as it can eat
the bluing or even the nickel plating off .

NEVER allow ANY solvents or oils, especially WD-40,
near any primers or ammunition, even loaded ammunition!

WD-40 is so penetrating that if sprayed on ammunition it can penetrate into the
cartridge case and de-activate the primer or powder. 

Reloading:    Roll your own for fun, less cost, and more accuracy.

Midway:   A great source for all your reloading and other shooting needs.

CMP Civilian Marksmanship Program 
Qualified U. S.  citizens can buy up to five surplus 30-06 M-1 Garand Rifles and other items per year. View the site for the current requirements, availability and specifications.

Sniper Country For Law Enforcement and Military precision marksman

The Firing Line The leading online forum for firearms enthusiasts

Aero Ballistics Want to really know about ballistics and the math involved

Gun Writers on the web A lot of information on many things

Barrett They have the M82A1M .50 Caliber Semi-Auto 

5.56 ammo FAQ Also info on some 7.62 terminal ballistics

5.56 mm M-193 55 Gr. Ball,  M-195 55 Gr. Red Tip Short Range Tracer,
M-856 61 Gr. Orange Tip Long Range Tracer

The 5.56 x 45 mm 62 Gr. 2.3 cm long, M855 (NATO 61.5 Gr. FN SS-109) Green Tip Penetrator and M856 Penetrator Tracer cartridges are for use by the U.S. Army in the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW).
With its superior penetration capability and effectiveness against body armor and helmets,
it is designed to function reliably in all 5.56 mm weapons with a 1 in 7 barrel twist

The 5.56 x 45 mm 62 Gr. XM-995  Black Tip AP round penetrates 12 mm armor plate of 300 HB at 100 m.

The 7.62 x 51 mm XM-993 Black Tip AP round penetrates 15 mm armor plate at 300 m, or
20 mm of steel 300HB armor at 100m.
It also penetrates 120 mm Plexiglas helicopter protection and is highly effective on brick
and concrete walls and causes no barrel wear.
Older was M-61 AP Black point

The 7.62 x 51 mm  SLAP and SLAP Tracer were developed by Winchester under U.S.
Government contract. These rounds function reliably in most 7.62 mm weapons
and can also be used in 7.62 mm Bolt Action Rifles, the M240 Coax or Pedestal mounted configurations, the M134 Gatling gun, and the M60 machine gun

7.62 x 51 mm  M118 Special Ball cartridge is intended and specifically prepared for
use in weapons designated as competition or Sniper rifles.

9 x 19 mm High Performance Ammunition The 9 mm HP round carries a gilding metal, steel-jacketed projectile with combined lead and antimony core. It gives maximum penetration of hard targets and there is no body armor yet designed that can withstand the force of the 9 mm HP round - it can penetrate 50 layers of para-aramid fabric at 5O m and 3 mm steel plate at 75 m.

Available in: 9 x 19 mm, 40 S&W, 38 Special, 45 Auto
Winchester's Ranger SXT Ammunition features a uniquely designed bullet, that upon target impact, produces six uniform, radial jacket petals with perpendicular tips* for maximum in-target energy deposit and stopping power. This design also delivers incredible match-grade accuracy and a 12" to 18" penetration with 0% core-jacket separations.*

.30-'06 M2 AP.