These are the US military ribbons awarded to a person who went to Viet-Nam.

I fought in the electronic war!

I was a General Cryptographic Repairman and Technical Controller with the U.S.
Army Security Agency, spent two years at the 14th USASA Field Station Hakata,
Japan, with side trips to Taiwan and Okinawa. Then I would up in Bien
Hoa, RVN.
It's North of Long Binh, about 25 Miles North East of Saigon off of Highway 1.

I worked in the Communications Center, connected to world wide communications systems, protecting our classified messages with  Crypto Gear. Mainly the KL-7,
KW-7, KY-8, KW-26, KL-47, KY-3, KG-13, KG-14
(Poor Man's Crypto),
KWR-37 ( I was told that I was in the only location in the world where Army
personnel had access to Navy codes, we had to run this machine up on evening
and midnight shifts when the Navy personnel were off), have used One Time
"Bear Pads" and it was fun to play with the M-209 and the KL-43. In addition to
these, I can still utilize and repair the HL-1B, anyone remember this one? It is not
even listed on the Crypto Gear pages. Speaking of  that does anyone remember the
WEBCO 207 MODEM? We ran it at an unheard of speed, at the time, 9600 baud.
Now remember this was in 1969, whom of you even had a 300 baud MODEM then?

There is a Army Security Agency Listserv for former ASA members to get
together at  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ArmySecurityAgency

NASAA National Army Security Agency Association

Vern Greunke's ASA Veterans Locator Database currently has over 27,000 entries.

Registration Required for passwords.

Between the Pueblo Incident, which the North Koreans captured to get the
Crypto Gear and Johnny Walker, who sold out the inner workings and codes
of the Crypto Gear to the Russians many machines were compromised .
All of the machines I was trained on have been replaced with more enhanced models.

I spent a lifetime in Viet-Nam, in just only one year, from 1969 - 1970.

I was with the 175th RR Co, 303rd RR Bn., 509th Radio Research Group , ASA.

Would like to say more, just don't want to jeopardize any operations or go to jail!!

Stayed in the reserves, moved up through the ranks, "Mustang" if you prefer.
Spent many great years assigned to the 259th MI Co. (Div) in Sharonville and
finally retired from the USAR in 1996, with over 30 years of service.

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