A Cryptographic Compendium From John Savard
American Cryptogram Association Crypto Drop Box and other Crypto Links
Aegean Park Press
Cryptographic and Intelligence Books
Chapter 7 FM 24-12  Communications Security Operations .TXT (ASCII)
Codes, Ciphers and Code breaking 
By Greg Goebel
Codes and Ciphers By Stephen A Kallis Jr., from the James F. Widner webpage
Cryptanalysis  Get the classic book by Helen Fouche Gaines ( Piccola) ISBN 0-486-20097-3
Cryptology A brief history by Oliver Pell
By Bill Unruh
Cryptography Club University of Central Florida, has a section on Navajo Code Talkers
Dayton's Code Breakers By Jim DeBrosse
Encryption  and Security related Resources  aka "the Crypto Link Farm"  By Peter Gutmann
FM 34-40-2 PDF Basic Cryptanalysis Field Manual from the University of Michigan page
Greg Goebel's Website Other interesting subjects, books are available
Handbook of Applied Cryptography On line in PS or PDF
Alfred J. Menezes, Paul C. van Oorschot and Scott A. Vanstone
Simon Singh Look at the Crypto Corner and Crypto Links.  He wrote The Code Book
Toby's Crypto Page  By Toby
Trinity College
Department of Computer Science Cryptography Web Site
WWII Codes and Ciphers Created by Tony Sale
Has a great description on how the Enigma worked and how the Lorenz was broken by Colossus

Electrical Codes:

Great Encryption  $9.95 download per computer, USA/Canada only,
Free trial demo version available by download.
Use Referrer's purchase number  1600  so I get credit.

KL-42 and KL-43/G GOV Only, Portable, electronic, very secure,
off-line crypto-equipment, don't you wish you had some?

PGP $Varies, Commercial Use, The most widely used encryption system used by civilians for securing data on computers and for email.

PGP Download FREE, Personal Non Commercial Use, site from MIT,
USA/Canada only, for many operating systems including DOS

PGP Attack Leaves Mail Vulnerable FREE, By Dennis Fisher

Top Secret Crypto Gold RSA Key size increased to 16,384 bits
Single User License $34.95 (USD) and Unlimited Site License $999.95 (USD).

Use your PDA or Palm Pilot's for encryption - work now in progress.

Non-Electrical Codes:
Or what are you going to do when the power goes out or while in the field?

Code Chart  100 Kb .JPG             Code Chart Large  540 Kb .JPG
Code Chart Instructions  In .TXT (ASCII) for both of the above

CS-485 Strip Cipher On the USS Pampanito    (aka M-138/138A)

KAL-61 Authentication System, with KTC-1400/C challenge/reply page
TEXT Version of the KAL-61

Instructions for using the SOI  including KTC-1400, KT-1600 and KTC-600,  Read Lesson # 4

M-94 Cipher Disk By Brooke Clarke, N6GCE

M-94 (CSP-488) Cipher Disk By  Jerry Proc VE3FAB

M-94 Virtual  Emulation for your computer, by Wilhelm M. Plotz (CipherClerk)

M-138/138A  Print and cut the strips to make a Strip Cipher to net with the M-94

One Time Pad From Peter McCollum Alphabet -  50% shorter traffic over numerical

One Time Pad   Picture of a small Russian OTP  captured by MI-5

One Time Pad Instructions From Steve Adams Seminars Numerical  -  twice as long

Vigenere Tableau Just in case you don't have one, can be used for different
systems, however is most secure when used with a One Time Pad - considered
most secure and unbreakable