If you don't have one.

Get one.

Even an alarm which sounds a local alarm is better than none at all. I have the local and connected type, mainly to report a fire if I am not home, gives the fire department a head start, and I get a 10% reduction on my insurance.

I also recommend turning the alarm on at night while you are asleep.

Or actually anytime you are at home since home invasions have been on the increase.

If someone breaks in I hope they hear the alarm and depart before other severe personal protection measures have to be taken to prevent loss of life or serious bodily damage.

In Ohio you are not permitted in using deadly force against anyone whom is breaking in and only taking property, even if this is your dwelling.

You should already have a battery operated smoke alarm, the one's with the
escape light are best. Replace the batteries each year at the start of winter.

Placement is critical, mount the detector up on the wall or on the ceiling, but not within two feet of any junction of the ceiling and the wall, this is to avoid the dead air space.

You should also have a
carbon monoxide detector, I use the one with the replaceable module containing a battery which lasts about two years.
They are also available in 110 VAC versions that plug in a wall outlet, mounting is not critical, anywhere in the occupied area of the building suffices as carbon monoxide fills the entire area equally.

If you have one of the
remotely operated automobile alarms, be sure to learn the procedure to disarm it using a spare key in case you loose the remote. This is normally done by manipulating the ignition in conjunction with the Valet Button. If not the spare key will not start the car, and you will have to get your other remote to use your car.

Don't forget to have an
ALERT Weather Radio turned on 24 hours a day in the automatic alert mode.